Sound Research has developed audio technologies with the goal of enabling innovative audio products. Sound Research  designs have received the 2008, 2016, 2017 and 2018, 2019, 2020 Innovation and Best of Innovation Awards. 

“My family loves [the Roar”] This is a great little speaker… For the price, I think this one is great!” – Tony Vine, Amazon Reviewer

“I absolutely love this speaker! The sound quality is amazing and very rich for such a small device. I thought it was clear, not at all tinny, and the volume was adequate for my living area. I will use this speaker all of the time. In fact, I tossed it in my bag today and brought it to work to play music in my office. It’s also perfect to bring out by my chair at the pool or to take on a picnic in the park. Lightweight, good sound, easy to use.” Denise Crawford, TOP 1000 REVIEWER,

“Small speaker really puts out the sound too. The quality is definitely as good, if not better, than any set of speakers I have ever owned. I’m going to buy a couple more for the kid’s rooms. They are so limited in space that this speaker will have no problem filling their rooms with sound and without taking up a lot of physical space.”  – Basil MacDougal (“The Corner of My Room”)

“If you are looking for a $49 to $99 Bluetooth speaker, this should be your top choice. I’ve owned other such products that focused on being good at one thing (small, stylish, boomy, etc) but never put it all together.”  – The Good Doctor

“Great sound for the size – Passive radiator and 2 speakers yield remarkably clear , clean sound and plenty of low-end to make you forget you are only listening to a BT speaker and not a home stereo. I was able to hear it from rooms away and when I’m in the same room, I have to turn the volume down often. Most speakers have to be cranked to full volume and then start to distort. Not this one. I was completely surprised at the sound quality…it seems to have effortless power.” – The Good Doctor

“GREAT for low volume listening also…the 15 or so volume levels available have lots of increments in the “very quiet” range….perfect to fall asleep to quiet music, etc. I’m likely to buy another as a gift because no matter what the end -user values, this will hit the mark and show I really cared to find something of value and quality that will be enjoyed for years to come.” – The Good Doctor

Wow…5 minutes from box to listening to tunes from my IPhone. The sound is amazing for such a small speaker, as a classically trained pianist sound is important to me. This little speaker can go anywhere, room to room, the backyard, a party or picnic! What is not to love about this powerful, portable speaker, Highly recommend!”  -Melodie “2kidznus”

“Clean, full sound… Both music and voice sound good.” –Nerd Alert (USA)

This is a great little wireless speaker. The sound is quite good from such a small speaker!”  – Jason P. Pumphrey (Falls Church, Virginia United States)

“Sound — quite good for a small speaker. I own two other bluetooth speakers.. It’s much better than my other speaker, I listen mostly to classical music, and this little speaker performs well for that.. Overall, this performed a little better than I expected.” – L. Mountford (Bellingham, WA United States)

“Roar, indeed. In recent months I have had the privilege of using and testing several of the new wireless speakers with wide price ranges and technical specifications…The Roar; however, stands a notch above all of them and even several notches above the cheaper speakers.” –  John N. Schëar (Roanoke, Virginia United States)

“I did my normal examination of speakers by playing The 1812 Overture and there were zero defects even when the cannons were going boom. The Introduction, while very quiet, was audible without having to increase the volume. Lesser speakers will force that increase in volume and then you are forced to lower it when the cannons begin or run the risk of blowing a speaker.” – John N. Schëar (Roanoke, Virginia United States) –

“The Roar incorporates all of the elements I seek when evaluating a speaker and it is done in a device that fits with ease in a person’s palm.” – John N. Schëar (Roanoke, Virginia United States) –

“For its size, the sound quality is excellent… average music lovers will be very happy.  A trip to the lake, camping, park, etc. all come to mind.”– Quality Man “yway6” (Arizona)

“This is a nice small speaker that is the definition of simplicity.” – L. Mountford (Bellingham, WA United States)

“This is a great little wireless speaker.The sound is quite good from such a small speaker!” – Jason P. Pumphrey “the movie & music man” (Falls Church, Virginia United States)

“The other reviewers are not kidding–this thing is great!. It has unbelievable bass for being of such a small size.” – Patrick Odaniel (Austin, TX)

“The HP Roar Bluetooth speaker is about as simple as it gets.”– prisrob “pris,” (New England USA)

“This is how music should sound!” – Carlos Santana

“I love your artistry!” – Cher

“A speaker with a transcendental sound field must have a rock-solid technical foundation, innovative acoustic materials and a dash of alchemy!” – Dan Davis, Sales Director. North America, Sound Research

“Combined with the new audio transducer technologies, Sound Research’s Reality Amplifier normalizing algorithms, along with the ability to rapidly prototype and customize those algorithms for challenging new sound module designs, provide truly innovative and game-changing improvements, not only for end users, but also for OEMs and ODMs. Everyone will truly enjoy the impressive fidelity and experience improvements that can now be achieved with less risk, effort and cost to system suppliers.” -Devon Worrell

“These types of algorithms have never before been available and are breaking down previously insurmountable barriers across sound module technologies and ecosystems. Improvements span the gamut for chassis, amplifier, speaker and microphone innovation.” -Devon Worrell

“[Sound Research] will change the way you listen to audio…If you could see sound, picture [Reality Amplifier] as looking through a new clear pair of glasses in lieu of your older yet functional pair…” – Doc Overclock,

“Cutting edge tuning tools, [mastering] studio and a precise ear adds up to
world class sound from product designs that have sub $60 BOMs” –  Jon Dory, Hewlett Packard

“We have evidently reached a performance level where a PC can replace custom audio equipment costing tens of thousands of dollars and reproduce sounds at a granular level.” – Rob Enderle, TechNewsWorld

“Impressive!” – Gayle Sanders, Co-Founder of Martin Logan Speakers

“Amazing design team. They make ‘cost effective’ sound like a Million bucks…”  – Jon Dory, Hewlett Packard

“The bass sounds really, really good”…”an incredibly realistic bass sound [while] listening to an acoustic double-bass. I play the cello myself, so I am familiar with the sound of stringed instruments.” – Lars Risbo, Investor of Class D and Smart amplifiers

“Big Hair!” – Mickey Hart, Drummer for Grateful Dead

“Sound Research combines signal processing techniques with proprietary acoustics to establish a new criterion for consumer audio products. Design requirements, audio quality, and cost are considered.”  – Tom Paddock, CEO,  Sound Research

“I listened to and tested most of the Blue Tooth portable speakers on the market.  The HP Roar Plus has the best acoustics so far.  Deep bass with true undistorted sound.  The HP Roar Plus is the best Blue Tooth speaker for under $200.00!” – Paul Kitano, Director, Research and Development, Sound Research

“The speakers are as advertised, gooder’n heck! Now I can hear bass & midrange I didn’t know was there on my favorite viol da gamba albums. Thanks 1,000,001!” -Robert Hunter, Lyricist for Grateful Dead

“Sound Research has the best technology to come out of Silicon Valley in 10 years!” –Roger McNamee, Elevation Partners, T Rowe Price Science and Technology Fund Manager

“The combining of audio science and audio artistry magic have produced the Roar Plus speaker. Truer sound you only get live.” – Sue Swanson, Former Manager of Information Systems, Grateful Dead Production

“Decades of collaboration combined with an extraordinary breath of technological achievements have made my years with Sound Research the most rewarding experience.” – Tim Prince, VP Product Development

“Through advances in technology, Sound Research establishes a dramatically superior audio standard for portable audio with dynamic range, bandwidth and precision.” –Tom Paddock, CEO, Sound Research

Sound Research provided architectural acoustics and studio system design for Snow Ghost Studio.

White Fish, Montana  USA

photo courtesy by Brett Allen

From Apocalypse Now to Fare Thee Well, Sound Research has worked on The Beam, a distinctive component of the Grateful Dead’s sound.

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