Daniel Davis

BS 1978 and MSEE 1985, Electrical Engineering, California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, California

Daniel Davis has over 35 years of experience in PC, mobile phone, and embedded consumer marketing, business development, and sales. Over 20 years of that experience has been in the fields of algorithm and technology IP transfer, partnering, and channel development. After over a decade of hardware and firmware engineering and engineering management roles, Dan began to focus on business development and sales roles for leading SoC and IP providers including Cirrus Logic, ST Microelectronics, Texas Instruments, ARM, ARC/Synopsys, and NASA.

While at ST Microelectronics, Dan was instrumental in the successful launch of Nvidia as the leading consumer 3D graphics chip manufacturer as well as in the roll-out of the world’s first MPEG-2 Set-Top Box chipset designed for the launch of DirecTV’s satellite TV business. At Texas Instruments, Dan managed teams of engineers, marketers, and business developers to introduce numerous technologies to the mobile, consumer, and PC marketplace, including digital Class-D amplifiers, audio DACs, Internet and portable audio CODECS and related chipsets. Dan was also involved in the DSP/BIOS kernel/OS acquisition and in the strategy for its utilization across all TI’s mass market DSP platforms.

Dan was the Director of Business Development for Multimedia IP at ARM. His work included developing 3rd party partnerships for multimedia IP running on ARM CPU cores, as well as NEON SIMD, VLIW, TrustZone, and Jazelle engines. Targeted customers included all the key mobile phone IP and chip-set providers including Apple, Qualcomm, Nvidia, Samsung, and Texas Instruments. Business development of multimedia IP continued at ARC/Synopsys, where Dan assisted in the expansion of the ARC core CPU business into solutions focused on voice, audio, and video applications. Within two years the Multimedia product line was producing 40% of ARC’s total revenues. This experience introduced Dan to Tom Paddock, the CEO of Sound Research, where they worked together to market advanced audio solutions to the PC and embedded marketplace.

NASA recruited Dan to direct their IP technology transfer program where he led a team of scientists and business developers. Their task was to license key NASA IP to industry and to identify and negotiate licensing and cross-licensing deals with academia and industry for targeted IP required to implement future NASA missions. Licensing of IP included technology used on the Mars Rover, Kepler (Search for Exoplanets), and LADEE (Lunar Atmosphere Evaluation) missions.

Dan has joined Sound Research in order to utilize his wealth of experience for the dissemination of Sound Research’s industry-leading automated near field normalization (NFN) and voice solutions into the mobile, tablet, PC, and embedded marketplace.

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