press_pcworld Intel's itty-bitty NUC PC prototypes pack Broadwell chips, touch controls As the line between desktop PCs, notebooks, and tablet continues to blur, the time may be right for Intel’s NUC—and the company decided to get a bit crazy at its Intel Developer Forum just to show off what its tiny PCs can do…This NUC included integrated speakers with [Reality Amplifier] technology from [Sound Research] that improves the sound quality of speakers in small, compact environments (like a NUC).

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World’s First Digital Speaker Modules (DSMs) Significantly Reduce Active Power in Portable Devices

By combining Trigence Semiconductor’s patented Dnote® digital amplifier IC solutions with micro-speakers from AAC Technologies containing 6 voice-coils, in a thin tablet form-factor, the DSMs are able to achieve sound pressure levels (SPL) exceeding 87dB at typical listening positions. The DSM demonstration system was developed in conjunction with Intel Corporation, and incorporates [Reality Amplifier®] from Sound Research Corporation. Tom Paddock, renowned acoustic architect and CEO of Sound Research Corporation, the developer of [Reality Amplifier] Technology, commented, “We worked closely with Trigence, Intel and AAC on the acoustic design and tuning, and I’m very impressed at the audio quality we were able to achieve. Trigence’s all-digital amplifiers are incredibly power-efficient and can deliver a truly compelling audio experience. The DSMs are able to fit within most thin form-factor CE products, yet audio quality is uncompromised with rich bass, dynamic impact, articulated voice and full-range sound, equivalent to many Bluetooth speaker products.”

Computex, Taipei (PRWEB) June 02, 2014

"[Sound Research] software is far and away the most exhaustive we’ve seen for onboard audio…This new audio technology... has the best audio quality this side of an Audigy 2 ZS. Relatively low CPU overhead and being embedded will ensure that many gamers will have no need to go purchase an additional sound card. Quite frankly, unless there are specific tools available on an add-in sound card you need, we really can’t see why anyone would go buy a sound card after hearing how good this one sounds."

press_mother“What we hear is important to audiophiles and gamers alike, and this applies especially to those who spend a lot of time stuck to their computer...Companies like ADI and Realtek…answer to the enthusiasts' call and offers the user a vast improvement over the previous generation's technology..." "...MP3 audio is greatly enriched with…[Sound Research.]  [This] technology puts back the elements back that are lost during compression making for a much bigger and refined audio experience that has to be heard to be fully appreciated."

sudhian "...Intel Audio Studio is very clean and simple to use...The voices sounded a bit muffled and dull...but when [Sound Research] was enabled, it made a world of difference in the audio quality....on-board audio...doesn’t sound too good without... [Sound Research] "

Sudhian: Intel High Definition Audio

press_pc "Cover" Featured Article / Sonic Focus to Provide Intel Audio Studio Application " IAS does a good job of subtly applying its DSP effects to music material, [Sound Research] is performing some pretty serious leg work that goes way beyond simple EQ tweeks.

PC MAGAZINE: Intel High Definition Audio

technewsAdding Sound to the Mix "Intel and [Sound Research] showcased the next generation of sound on Intel motherboards. We have evidently reached a performance level where a PC can replace custom audio equipment costing tens of thousands of dollars and reproduce sounds at a granular level. Providing Dolby and THX quality has been possible for some time, but now [Sound Research] can extend far beyond this. / By Rob Enderle

CES Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Award

Bel Canto ULTRA-DOCK was selected as an Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Award honoree in the Audio Components product category. The Bel Canto ULTRA-DOCK is the premier audiophile iPod/iPhone docking solution, utilizing [Sound Research®] technology to upscale and refine compressed music and soundtracks to 96kHz / 24 bit quality. The Consumer Electronics Association thanks you for your continued support of the consumer electronics industry and looks forward to serving you during the coming year. Congratulations on receiving the Innovations 2008 honors! belcanto

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